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Seagate Hybrid Drive 750GB $189 (2.5")
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Seagate Hybrid Drive 750GB $189 (2.5")

MrAndroidMrAndroid Member
edited November 2011 in General

So, according to Engadget, (

Would you say these drives are worth putting into a laptop If I brought a few. I've got pretty standard 7.2k 500GB RPM drives, as I need more then 500GB DiskSpace without paying massive loads for a SSD. But the specs of these just make me want to buy as many as I can?

Im not a great expert on HDs..

The Original Daniel.


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Really do your research into the hybrid drives, from what i've seen/heard, they have had a lot of problems.


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  • InfinityInfinity Member, Provider

    So far I haven't experienced any problems, I stuck one in my brothers Laptop.

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  • they where about £60 last time i checked

  • @DanielM link? I haven't found anyone in the UK who supplies the newer 750GB ones.

    Also, I've upgraded to a larger HD before, I used a hardware kit that copies the data bit by bit across.

    However, the new drive which was meant to be bigger, thought it was the same size as the old drive (I couldn't increase the partition either as it thought it was the same), and also hidden partitions (EFI) weren't copied either.

    The only fix was to start the drive from a clear state, and copy everything manually.

    The Original Daniel.

  • I've not seen any problem with those hybrid drives. More "hype" than "problem" though, as the performance gain is tiny.

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