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Cheap and best WHMCS Integration and customization services
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Cheap and best WHMCS Integration and customization services

qtriangleqtriangle Member
edited January 2013 in Providers

We provide top quality WHMCS integration and customization services.

For our whole range of services have a look at our WHMCS Integration services website at


  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Provider

    Believe this should be under offers.

    Subnet Labs, LLC Contact Us Deploy to: Seattle, Dallas or NYC
    Impact VPS | Cloud Servers | Storage Servers | Impact Shared | Shared Hosting

  • hmm may be. I was not very sure where to put. I don't know if I am making an offer or not ;)
    Anyways if mods think appropriate they can move there.

  • NO PRICES = against the rules

    DomainAgent - a smart tool for keeping details of domains you own. We're on twitter too!
  • Website gave me a headache

  • Same as above. Need to get rid of that jquery on load when you change pages.

    No portfolio = no go

    Patrick | INIZ
  • That's well, just no.

  • To go along with what has been stated: The logo should say "For all things WHMCS" not "For all WHMCS things".

  • alexalex Member
    edited January 2013

    DomainAgent - a smart tool for keeping details of domains you own. We're on twitter too!
  • AndreAndre Member
    edited January 2013

    > "experts"
    > Use ripped template on website

    Do not click this link.
  • From someone that does website (and WHMCS) design/development, a few notes to help the OP out:

    1) English! From your contact page, it seems that you are based in India. If you're website is using the English language however, you will need to use proper grammar to be taken seriously as a business in today's global market. I suggest having someone that is quite fluent in the English language take a look at your website and at least fix the obvious grammatical errors, or change the language to something you speak and write fluently.

    2) You're a WHMCS/website design company, with no examples of your work? You may want to put together some demo work, or take some screenshots of previous work, and have those accessible via your website. I certainly wouldn't hire you without seeing previous examples of your work, especially given the fact that I can Google a dozen other WHMCS design companies which all list examples.

    3) This is more personal, but your website design and layout isn't anything special. If you're going to sell potential clients to hire you based on your "design services", you will want to consider actually putting some effort into your companies site design. Yes, JQuery has some cool effects, but that won't save you, or a bad design. /Rant

    nDeviX - IT happens.
  • rskrsk Member, Provider

    If it was me, i'd go to fiverr and get a descent deal there. I have seen many good integrations for $5 and with a quick turnaround. The least you can do is put your prices on this thread and on your website too. "Contact Us" just doesn't seem to cut it.

    Good luck op

  • Thanks for all suggestions friends. We have done a redesign of our website so there are few hiccups. We are in process of cleaning up the stuff.
    People wanted to know how much we charge for our services: We provide our services starting from 25$. We will put it on our website too. Sorry we don't do any fiverr stuff.

  • alexalex Member
    edited January 2013

    @qtriangle said: We provide our services starting from 25$

    you are in the wrong place then

    DomainAgent - a smart tool for keeping details of domains you own. We're on twitter too!
  • MonsteRMonsteR Member
    edited January 2013

    To be honest its not hard to integrate your code, anyone who knows how to copy and past would be able to do it, + WHMCS themselves offer it pretty cheap so you would have to be cheaper :) - DDoS Protected|VPS|Cloud|Dedicated Servers|Collocation - Los Angeles, CA
    SamuraiBit Security
  • It's not the cheapest(as I've done free full integration) and its not the best(your website is ugly).

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