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Office 365 Business Premium - how to share files between several users?
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Office 365 Business Premium - how to share files between several users?

Hello. I have a customer with several users, they all uses Office 365 Business Premium.
They need a common area to share files, and I have found out that Sharepoint can be used for that. It have almost every feature they need, but it lack some important features the customer wants. They want a common area there they can save attachment from e-mail, upload attachment to e-mail and that area is available for everyone.

They can save and upload to mail from Onedrive, but I have not found out how I can create a shared archive there all the users can work on. I can share one users folder, but no one else can write to it, they can read from it, but they also need to write and work on documents.

The customer want to only use the sky (Office365) to store, save, upload, download, work on etc for all documents, without need to save them locally, like you have to with sharepoint, if you have a mail, and want to save a document to sharepoint, you first have to save it locally, then upload it to sharepoint. And if you want to upload a file from sharepoint to an email, you have to store the file locally, then upload it to the mail.

Do I miss some settings there they can use Onedrive as a common area for all that the customer wants? Or how can I connect sharepoint to the mail system, so they can save and upload files directly into mails?

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