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Review of ChicagoVPS Xen PV
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Review of ChicagoVPS Xen PV

lwimblelwimble Member
edited November 2011 in Reviews

I have several VPSs with various providers and I just wanted to drop a line on ChicagoVPS's Xen PV service. I have to say I've been really impressed with these folks.

I've had my Xen PV "Enterprise" VPS for about 4 months now. I've had zero bandwidth issues, zero support tickets opened, and until late last night, had never even had a reboot. I've had zero complaints about site downtime since I moved it to ChicagoVPS. Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Larry Wimble


  • @lwimblel, thanks for the review. I see that you're a new member here. No offense but since we don't know you, could you please either provide the IP address and or point us to a site located on that VPS as proof please? If you would rather keep it quiet, feel free to PM me from my profile page.

    For reference, the "Enterprise" plan is $25 a month, outside of the normal price range around here.

    edit: Oh and welcome to LEB/LET. :)

  • Hi drmike...

    Actually I'm not so "new" around here. I've spent a lot of time on lowendtalk and lowendbox... Just never felt the need to post anything before.

    The site I host is called Vattastic:

    Vattastic is a "web 2.0 app" which displays the status of a flight simulation network called VATSIM. VATSIM is a public (as in free to all users) network where flight simulation enthusiasts participate as either pilots on the network, or air traffic controllers. It has been described as a close approximation to real world aviation operations.

    In any case, I've been through several VPS providers with this site and haven't really been happy with any of them... until now.

    Thanks for the welcome :-)


  • LOL Love the loading screen xD

    Wow, your app seems really complex :S

  • yomero,

    It got complex over a couple years. When it first started out, it was nothing but a draggable map. Over time, it's developed into quite an application.


  • Be aware of serious problems that may occur after ChicagoVPS's maintenances. Our VPS went offline for several days and came back corrupted. After complaining, they refuse to restore our files properly and consider our account cancelled, but we didn't cancel it.

  • CVPS_ChrisCVPS_Chris Member, Provider


    You specifically said in a ticket, that you wanted the image of your VPS so you could transfer your stuff to an other provider and cancel services. We supplied you with the image and thought we were going our separate ways.

    Your VPS is the only VPS that had issues coming back online.

    Onto the topic at hand, thank you for the review and I really am happy that you like your services. I checked out your site, really like the app :) I just may be a frequent visitor now!


    Chris - Premier Datacenter and Cloud Solutions for Business

  • @lwimble said: The site I host is called Vattastic:

    That site is Very cool! I have been flight simming for years but never used vatsim though I am very familiar with it and your site is very neat. I love it!

  • I've tried to get on VATSIM when I was 11 years old, but got kicked off because I wasn't responding to the kind ATC person. Flew my plane straight into the gate. :D!

    Proud member of the VPS Collectors Club

  • lwimblelwimble Member

    I should mention that Vattastic is no longer on ChicagoVPS, but not because they did anything wrong. I got my own dedicated server for it. I still maintain that those guys run a quality operation and would recommend them to anyone based on my own experience.

    Kind Regards,
    Larry Wimble

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