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    Dead Pool November 2011 Discussion
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    Dead Pool November 2011 Discussion

    LowEndAdminLowEndAdmin Member
    edited November 2011 in General

    Let me kick start the process of discussing the deadpool providers for November 2011. Quite a large number of them as well. The tentative list here are the ones who are currently "dead", i.e. their websites are not working anymore. Some might come back before the month ends, and more might actually join. There are also providers who might have a working website but the services are nothing but dead. Those won't be included here though.

    • -- They were first listed on LowEndBox 2 years ago, and I suspect they are dead over a year ago. Their website is now showing cPanel account suspended page.
    • -- Okay. Brandon did a runner, and took down quite a lot of his clients as well. Lots of discussions on LEB/LET.
    • -- First appeared on LEB in August 2010, sold out WebRulon 2 months later and is now also show cPanel account suspended. Similar to I guess, as both home pages are hosted with WebRulon.
    • -- Website dead since 1 Nov.
    • -- Acquired by BigBrainHost 2 weeks ago, and is now redirecting there.
    • -- Website no longer resolves 2 weeks ago although from the discussion thread they've had issues before that.
    • -- Domain expired on 14 Nov. After BuzzServers, Zabogo and now Vazapi -- I wonder whether anyone wants to touch any ServerMinds/Graxis project anymore.
    • -- Website died on 14 Nov. Looks like Andrew @ 123Systems forgot his little project there?
    • -- Website has been going up and down like a yoyo for the last 2 months, and finally died on 14 Nov as well.
    • -- Daniel sold (or trying to sell) back in September, and the website stopped working a few days ago.

    Anyone else to add?

    Thanked by 3Asim drmike Jacob

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