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Low End VOIP termination service.
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Low End VOIP termination service.

kampungkampung Member
edited January 2013 in General

Any suggestion for VOIP termination service?
My office use, very satisfied with the premium plan.

Any suggestion for cheaper service?
I will use it for myself.



  • I used hostigation @mitgib for my voip service. It was $1 a month for the phone number then 1 cent per min prepaid. But that was in the US, idk about what country you are in.

  • No idea if they are cheaper or not, but two services I've used successfully in the past that I would recommend are Flowroute and Anveo.

    I'll be really interested in hearing what others have to say as well.

  • @Spencer said: idk about what country you are in.


    @jbxl said:

    The published rates is per 6 second?


  • @kampung ... As I remember it the rates are per minute but they bill in 6 second increments. So, if the rate is $0.20 per minute then it would be $0.02/6 second increment.

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