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1Gbps port given on 100Mbps unmetered plan, what could happen?
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1Gbps port given on 100Mbps unmetered plan, what could happen?

This was a question I met couple months ago. I have sort of a grandfather plan, given 100Mbps unmetered traffic with a discounted price.

Soon I noticed that I'm given a 1Gbps port, and in the billing panel I read my plan as 1Gbps 20TB. With 1Gbps port I can easily pushing 90MB/s out or in, I tried.

So before I come to LowEndHelpDesk, I sent a ticket to them asking what exactly plan am I on. I was told that I'm on 100Mbps unmetered and if I want to upgrade downgrade to [email protected] I'd have to pay more, all the way up to the non-discounted, retail price, despite the fact that upgrading from [email protected] to [email protected] is even more expensive than that. As long as I "do not exceed 100Mbps unmetered" I will not be billed for extra charges.

Basically when I keep asking for confirmation in tickets they just reply with "we can upgrade if you pay more" and "if you are not satisfied we could cancel your server" etc, useless answers.

My usage is generally 200GB/month but sometimes I could push to 1Gbps for a very short period (half a minute or so).

Do I have to worry about that? What bad things could happen?


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