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Install vmware-tools in a VMWare Linux VPS?
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Install vmware-tools in a VMWare Linux VPS?

swsnyderswsnyder Member
edited November 2011 in General

I've got a 512MB VMWare VPS running 32-bit CentOS5. This is a non-graphical environment, with little expected disk I/O. The emphasis is on network and memory performance.

Given this context what benefit, if any, would I get from installing the optional vmware-tools (the VMWare client software) in this VPS? The software would consume 20MB-40MB of my precious 512MB, so it has to provide some obvious improvement to justify its installation.

Any opinions? Thanks.


  • When I had a VMWare, I haven't used it. Mostly it will provide of decent drivers for the virtual GPU and for the mouse. Also it will allow you to use drag and drop to share files (if I remember well).
    I am not sure if it will provide you with better I/O drivers or network drivers that will give you an extra boost, but I don't think so.

    So, a VPS likely doesn't have a GUI, then the former drivers are useless.

  • if you don't use graphical environment, don't install vmware tools. It will enable some features for the node administrator, such as rebooting the vps, additional info about your vm in vsphere admin area etc. etc.

    But nothing to your benefit

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