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Running nested OpenVZ inside LunaNode's OpenStack KVM instances
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Running nested OpenVZ inside LunaNode's OpenStack KVM instances

aglodekaglodek Member
edited January 2016 in Help

Has anyone tried installing and running nested OpenVZ inside OpenStack KVM instances like LunaNode...?

@perennate: with admittedly very cool features like floating (external) and internal IP's plus cloud-init scripts configuring the network on the fly when setting up new instances, I'm at a total loss how to set up networking for add-on IP's needed to run OpenVZ containers. Any pointers would be appreciated...

A related question: is it possible to add-on ipv6 addresses? (thinking of running the OpenVZ containers using ipv6 addresses)

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  • perennateperennate Member, Provider

    IPv4: ignore the external IP and configure the internal IPs for use by the OpenVZ containers as you would the external IP on any other provider. The virtual router will handle NAT, so communication to external IP will be visible as communication to internal IP on your VM.

    IPv6: only available in Toronto. Create a tenant network (virtual network) so you get a /64 range (tenant network is $4/mo, billed in hourly increment). Then you can assign any IPv6 address in the /64 range to instances provisioned in the tenant network.

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