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    UFW set up for personal vps, is allow only from IP good enough?
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    UFW set up for personal vps, is allow only from IP good enough?

    Usually when setting up a server I set up iptables, fail2ban, ssh keys, etc. etc. However, recently I bought a VPS for testing purposes and personal use only; has debian 8. Do I need to go through all that trouble if I'm the only person accessing the server?

    Is this good enough, maybe I block ping requests as well?

    ufw default deny incoming
    ufw default allow outgoing
    ufw allow from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX



    • Block ping, move ssh port, deny root login.

      At least that is what I do on lower end boxes I only use for testing and prototyping.

    • deny everything and ONLY allow what you need (ip, port)

    • My minimum is:

      • change ssh port
      • turn off passwords in sshd (key only)
      • run an nmap scan on the public IP to see what's open
      • pam extension to email me whenever someone logs in

      Usually do more but always do at least those.

      For LET support, please visit the interim support desk.

    • Unplug ethernet cable


    • yomeroyomero Member
      edited January 2016

      Allowing just a single IP is risky. Unless you own that IP, you can lose it and get totally blocked out of the server.
      Of course, there are ways to recover it, but is not worth the trouble.

      Personally, I just change the port, setup ultra long passwords and use ssh-keys.

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