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Unable to post or reply when connecting via IPv6
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Unable to post or reply when connecting via IPv6

dirkdirk Member
edited November 2011 in General

When I'm connected via ipv6 and try to (reply to a) post, then it gives an error:'insertipaddress is 22 characters too long'


  • Just had an upgraded to vanilla 2.0.18 yesterday and looks like they've added some DB columns that are not ipv6 compatible. I will take a look on that later today.

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  • Same here, getting 'insertipaddress is 2 characters too long' :(

  • Okay. Please test it again.

    Basically push for IPv6 is much more than the network infrastructure, routers and operating systems. All your software and apps have to be IPv6 ready as well...

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  • If you can see this, then it works...else not :-)

  • So it works fine now using ipv6 too...
    Thanks for the update.

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