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centos-web-panel, vestacp and senorita
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centos-web-panel, vestacp and senorita

I might take on a new client which wants me to do sysadmin for a rather large shared web hosting environment.

We're talking about a range of 1500 nodes with controlpanels ranging from webmin to cpanel and the above mentioned.

I'm tasked with setting up an underlying virtualization platform (still hardware) and afterwards to migrate all the stuff to recent linux and plesk (because API, not my choice) VM's on that platform. Some machines are as old as centos 3.

What is the state of the 3 controlpanels in the subject? Read, which one is the worst on security and should be high on the migration list, and which are reasonably secure and can wait some time?

I know zpanel is crap, and senorita is zpanel, but what about the rest? Also, please, backup up your statements with sources instead of just calling crap.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -


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