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Virtual hosts on a virtualised machine
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Virtual hosts on a virtualised machine

I have a couple of small VPS-es, and recently a signed-up an 32 GB dedi for a project. My question is that is it possible somehow to move all my VPS-es to that dedi and serve all the websites from a single IP? I guess this would need something like a light nginx config running on the host, or something like that, doesn't it?

I guess I could use port-mapping for anything else, but for HTTP i'm stuck with the standard ports.


  • Yes and yes.

  • So how would you recommend doing in? I'd like to use KVM since some of the guests is FreeBSD. Should I install Proxmox?

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
    edited December 2015

    Install proxmox and get a second IP from Online.

    Create 2 bridges - one to eth0, one without members.

    Create a KVM as router and give it 2 eth interfaces, one on each bridge.

    Install this KVM with Linux and use iptables to do nat on eth1, assign the secondary external IP to eth0

    Create new KVMs and put them into only internal bridge and give them IPs NATed by the router KVM

    Install Nginx on one VM (or, if you really want to, on the router KVM) and forward 80/443 to it, use a reverse proxy config to pass through HTTP and terminate SSL (using SSL internal is pretty useless and just needs more setup work)


  • @William, OK, so it's good to know that it is indeed possible, but I won't be going down that deep only to save a few dollars per month. Thanks a lot for the guide.

  • Why not just move only all the website, and not the VPS? You just need virtual host configuration in apache or nginx. I think this is more effective in resources

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