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    1gbps unmetered Europe
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    1gbps unmetered Europe

    I am looking for a reliable VPS provider in europe that can match what i already have at SSDapp. I am happy with almost everything but they are way too slow to setup the vps and answer tickets. and i am about to get even more VPSs and don't want to wait for the setup and the slow customer service.
    what is important to me is the bandwidth speed to be reliable.

    What i already have is:
    5 VPSs from SSDapp:
    3 FR
    210 GB SATA III Storage
    Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    6 GB RAM
    1GBiT Port
    Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz
    DDOS Protection

    I can go up to 15euro if the specs is better.


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