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Cheap Servers
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Cheap Servers

Hey, I'm looking for a cheap server.

Either dedicated or virtual, I'll list ideal specifications for both.


2 GB (DDR2 minimum), 500 GB disk, VIA Nano U2250 or greater, $10/month or less, no setup fee, pay 3 months in advance, 5 TB bandwidth @ 1gbit or 10 TB @ 100mbit

VPS (2 vps required - one database server with SSD, one host node without ssd) :

KVM (or XEN), 2 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth a month @ 1gbit.

SSD: 40 GB (database server)

HDD: 20 GB

Ideal location: Outside USA (France is a nice location

My comments are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the opinion of my business


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