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[Global] Looking for a cheap yet performant storeage VPS!
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[Global] Looking for a cheap yet performant storeage VPS!

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited December 2015 in Requests

I am looking for a cheap yet performant storeage vps (~200+gb storeage) to host my public file sharing site on.
The vps will mainly be used to store scripts (html/php/css/xml files as its dedicated to programmers) So the avg file size is > 5mb max file size is ~ 100-200mb. I will only use one server so i need a provider that offers globally effective server locations (possible anycast) aswell as a fast network to guarantee good performance from around the globe.

I am not sure (considering the avg and max file size) wheter ! 100 mbits would be sufficient or i need a 1000 line?

So far ive checked on buyvm (ran in trouble with them though), backupsy and fliphost.
Any feedback on those or other ideas?

Kind regards,


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