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ThomLSAThomLSA Member
edited November 2015 in Providers



  • VPSDime. No question.

  • Time4VPS will have my vote

  • @mikeyur said:
    VPSDime. No question.


  • I've been running JIRA, Confluence and Stash on a VPSDime 6GB box for a year now. 0 issues.

  • I favor time4vps more, or get both for the sake of hard decisions.

  • @ThomLSA said:

    VPSDime is highly reputable and reliable. Oktay's brands are no less than quality and you won't have to fear of him closing up shop and canceling your VPS.

  • @ThomLSA said:

    Oktay and crew are great, excellent service. I've been a customer of theirs for 2 years, trust them to host production sites, solid network (Incero), and they'll be around in a year.

    The other guys you listed there I'm not so sure of... The quality of their storage line is a complete joke, their network is laughably bad from the testing I've done, and it just screams "we're gonna drop off the map any day now".

  • Ok, i'm with VPSDime :)

  • Delimiter of course :)

    There are some very aggressive Black Friday weekend offers for VPS/Storage right now

  • ThomLSA said: DELETED

    Why.. Just WHY?!

  • Such people should be banned from opening new threads.

    Software is like sex, it's better when it's free!

  • jarjar Provider

    Thanks for the well timed edit that I apparently can't revert. It's a forum, content shouldn't have a self destruct timer. Nothing left to do here but close it I guess.

    Thanked by 2Clouvider NeoXiD

    MagicSpam blackmails providers into buying their software, and ServerHub is a professional spam organization.

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