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    vps with payment weekly periodically
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    vps with payment weekly periodically

    hi guys,, i need vps can accept with payment in every week, if you were not ready for make menu for it it's okay if using for manually invoice.
    my budget is maximum $1.8 for a week with spec minimum like in picture

    and this is my condition of wallet in a week green for income red for spending,, i willing to pay for BTC payment.

    thank you.


    • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider


      4GB RAM

      100GB HDD

      4TB Traffic

      at 1.65*4 = 6.6$/month

      No. Simple.

    • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

      There are some cloud providers that will sell service by the hour. Maybe that's a good fit for you?

      Jon Biloh -
    • deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider

      d2itsme said: my budget is maximum $1.8

      I will recommend that you save up and wait. You should have more offers then. However, the specifications you desire may be unattainable on monthly/weekly payments.

      For IaaS, it may be possible, but it will greatly exceed your budget, if you run it for 720 hours.

    • Some provider allow you to pay after use. If you are paying weekly, prepare for the super high gateway process fee.

    • RIYADRIYAD Member, Provider

      4GB RAM , 100GB disk ,4TB Traffic , 6.6$/month

      hard to get + you gonna pay weekly !

      if you find any provider , please share with us :)

      Thanked by 1risharde

      DeployNode - 1GB Ram , 20GB Storage , 1xCPU , 1TB BW ,Price :$1/month !

    • WolfWolf Member
      edited November 2015

      Got an amazing idea!

      Save money 4 weeks and then pay monthly? :D

      Haha... Amazing.

      Thanked by 1risharde
    • d2itsmed2itsme Member
      edited November 2015

      update today

      if you have offers good price .. it's okay please do not hesitate i'm just make adjustment for term of payments. And like @wolf said we can make a long term of business,if your service make me happy to publish my web.
      i'm just try to realize with my income everyday.

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