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Any good mail hosting script for mainly receiving emails?
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Any good mail hosting script for mainly receiving emails?

GM2015GM2015 Member
edited November 2015 in Help

I've got a couple of friends and family members who were a bit shocked after we talked about online advertising, gmail and such. So we need a good email script, like wordpress is, mainly for hosting email.

I don't want it to install anything(LAMP,LEMP etc), because I already have LNMP running where I want to deploy it.

So vesta and mailcow afaik are out of the picture.

I also need to host a few domains with catch-all emails if possible.

I don't care about sending emails, we barely mail anyone.

edit: Not sure about buying mxroute, I mean, one of my domain receives around 100 google alerts a day.

Go give Vultr(referral) a try. | GNU/Linux


  • jarjar Provider

    No script I'm aware of to auto install this kind of stuff without touching your web server. They always install at least a webmail.

    Buy MXroute :P

    MagicSpam blackmails providers into buying their software, and ServerHub is a professional spam organization.

  • How about just installing an IMAP/POP3 daemon like Dovecot on your server. Your friends/family can then use Thunderbird/Outlook to read their mails. Or did I misunderstand your question?

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