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    Looking for storage vps/dedi (Not for backups)
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    Looking for storage vps/dedi (Not for backups)

    RurikoRuriko Member
    edited November 2015 in Requests

    I'm currently looking for a vps or dedi server with 4TB Storage Space and 2GB RAM.
    Budget is $30/m

    The purpose is to host a picture site so this isn't for hosting backups!
    I was thinking of using hetzner auction servers but I don't want hdd dying on me :(


    • alexnjhalexnjh Member
      edited November 2015

      time4vps? or maybe @MarkTurner might have some nice dedi deals

      Thanked by 1MarkTurner

      Typical guy

      Peering AS135103

    • You can always check the Hetzner models with RAID1, you can sometimes get them pretty cheap.

    • Tomorrow - there will be a promo for the HA StorageVPS products also ObjectSpace.

      For picture, ObjectSpace will be better because you get the object store to serve the images directly from the store, rather than serving from your VPS.

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