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[HIRING] Technical Writer (Linux Background)
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[HIRING] Technical Writer (Linux Background)


I'm in the market for a few decent freelance technical writers.

Requirements for Technical writing

  1. Must be about one of the following topics

    • A) Cloud Technology (Examples: AWS, RackSpace, Docker, Vagrant)
    • B) Linux Applications (Examples: Apache, NGINX, ELK Stacks)
    • C) Configuration Management tools (Examples: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt)
    • D) Virtualization Platforms (Examples: ProxMox, OpenStack, ESXi)
    • E) Scripting (Examples: Python, Ruby, Bash, PHP)
    • F) Open Source web based programs (Things found here:
  2. These are tutorials. All articles must include detailed steps to reproduce.

  3. Fluent english is a must

  4. Original work only

  5. Writer will own no copyright to the work, once payment is made the content will belong to me

500 word minimum (not including commands run)

I will provide an environment that you can use to install, test, configure, etc while writing.

This is an on-going project. Long term relationships are wanted.

Pricing: Dependent based on quality of previous work and is negotiable.

Payment will be made via PayPal or Amazon Payments. Payment via other processors can be arranged.

Contact: PM or IRC (FreeNode. Nick HackPat)

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