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What OS could this Disgo Net Browser 3000 run?
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What OS could this Disgo Net Browser 3000 run?

lowendguy7lowendguy7 Member
edited November 2015 in Help

I just bought one of these for $20 on ebay.

I only wanted a laptop so I can remote desktop to my main computer in my front room when I want to lay down on my bed since I get really achy after around 8-10 hours at my main computer no matter how many different chairs I use.

It has windowsCe on already but I am thinking I wanna wipe that off since an open source linux would be less resources I imagine plus to get ride of all the junk from the previous user and start fresh.

I bought it quickly since the bidding was ending soon so took a bit of a chance. :) I see now it really is basic spec wise which is no problem so long as it can just aobut fit an OS on there and run it. But will it be enough to run a really basic open source OS like centos? Then I thought I can use some open source tool to rdp to my windows machine which I just looked and saw there are some. The newer centos builds say the want 368 ram or 1g, but this thing only has 64! now I look.

Will it still be ok?

What do you guys advise bearing in mind I only want to rdp with it?

Haivng a little look furterh I see there have been releases made for the task of squeezing into older hardware, ie damn small linux. Which do you guys recommend?

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