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OpenVPN multiple IP routing
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OpenVPN multiple IP routing

I have a VPS server with 4 public IP addresses. Ubuntu 14.04 os.
I've installed OpenVPN with the openvpn autoinstaller script I've found here.

I'd like to create separate client.ovpn files for separate IP addresses.

Eg: ip1.ovpn - routed thru
ip2.ovpn - routed thru

Is this possible using the autoinstaller?
Or additional manual configuration necessary?

Thank you for the help in advance.


  • teknolaizteknolaiz Member
    edited November 2015

    Copy the server.conf, rename it, edit it and change the IP address and tun device. Do this again for every other IP address you have. Finally adjust the client.ovpn configurations so that these connect to the right IPs, too.

    Edit: Oh and don't forget to update necessary firewall rules.

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  • exception0x876exception0x876 Member, Provider

    You can do it with just 1 server.conf.. But you will have to do it manually. Assign each client to static internal IP and then do source routing to corresponding public ip.

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