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Youtube red bypass?
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Youtube red bypass?

rskrsk Member, Provider


Im trying to use youtube red, its a YouTube subscription where you can save videos, play in background and ads free.

Currently it is USA only, and a vpn doesnt fo the trick.

Any one has any experience?



  • Google suggests using a youtube downloader.

    Go give Vultr(referral) a try. | GNU/Linux

  • JonchunJonchun Member, Provider

    @GM2015 said:
    Google suggests using a youtube downloader.

    I think it's more about playing in background and being ad free. And I think it's targeted specifically at mobile devices. (a little different from just a youtube downloader on the computer)

  • GM2015GM2015 Member
    edited November 2015

    youtube downloader > desktop > usb cable or sftp/ftp > mobile's sd card > vlc > play in background ad-free

    The above setup works.

    Personally, I don't know, I never heard of youtube.

    Jonchun said: background and being ad free

    Go give Vultr(referral) a try. | GNU/Linux

  • if you using android you can root your android device and install xposed module called Youtube AdAway abd Youtube Background Playback....

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  • @budi1413 said:


  • at least one person should answer this question seriously.

    Google's location based system usually checks the followings:

    • your account's location. app-dependent. try updating every single location. like map, g+, account settings, youtube, search, everywhere. this check is app-dependent and I don't know what youtube red does. If you are google apps user, i heard that there may be domain-specific location that can't be updated.

    • your network location. google is quite good at vpn detection. famous vpns may not work. try some public free proxy.

    Sorry I cannot give you specific instruction - this is very application specific. If I were you, I would do the following to make this easier.

    • connect to US using proxy on your android phone. I've heard that vpngate works very well as a workaround for google's proxy detection.

    • create google account from android phone. now, your new account is purely US based

    • keep connecting to the vpn. switch to your new account on youtube app and purchase youtube red. It would be safe if you have purchase method with US billing address. I haven't had trouble paying for country restricted application using my home country billing info, but YMMV.

    This method may or may not work. At least, it worked for me to bypass country restricted contents. However, YMMV. I haven't heard of anyone trying to bypass location to pay for youtube red - and I respect you for trying to pay for this great service google is providing for free. If you happen to try this, please let us know the result.

  • Residential socks proxy works wonders.

  • For Android I use OGYouTube to download and play videos in the background.

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