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Netgear R7000 and OpenVPN speeds - anyone?
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Netgear R7000 and OpenVPN speeds - anyone?

Hi all,

I have the R7000 and have installed DDWRT onto it. However, I have a bit of an issue where the OpenVPN speeds through the router itself aren't able to get above 30mbit - if I run the client seperately on my PC to make the VPN connection I get 152 mbit.

The guide I followed was similar to this -

Was wondering if I need to change anymore OpenVPN settings to get a better speeds or if anyone has experience of the speeds you can get through the R7000 once its connected to a VPN.


  • The limiting factor seems to be the CPU that's in the router.

  • I thought it might be the case, I guess I can run top and then try and max the connection out to see if it hits 100%?

  • dd-wrt on r7000 is limited by cpu. switch to merlin to get better performance.

  • Lower the encryption, disable compression, and overclock that CPU.

  • ValdikSSValdikSS Member
    edited November 2015

    sndbuf 0 rcvbuf 0 tun-mtu 16000

    In both server and client config. Should help a bit.

  • @belink switched to merlin and got exactly the same speeds, neither core is hitting more than 50% utilisation whilst downloading at 30mbit so
    I'm a bit confused.

    @valdokss tried that to no avail, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • I had trouble breaking 500mbit in iperf to my isp server via ddwrt... then switch to merlin I was able to pull 900mbit.

  • Overclock the CPU. If openvpn can utilize dual cores it works help.

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