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9 vps in a kidechire for some internal + some public tasks. And are performing fine!
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9 vps in a kidechire for some internal + some public tasks. And are performing fine!

jvnadrjvnadr Member
edited November 2015 in General

I wanted to see how much usage can I push of a kidechire server for some personal / company tasks for a small group of people (not public web server or crowdy tasks).
So, I figured out that those tiny weak servers can do a lot of jobs simultaneously, for such a type of usage I described before.

I installed OVZ on a centos 6 OS with openvz web panel for easy handling, and then, I created several vps for different usages:
1. An owncloud server for the colaboration of a group of 10-12 people in the newspaper I work (exchange files - document handling and storage etc.)
2. A vpn for accessing services witch are not accessible in my country (e.g. vevo, netflix etc.)
3. An nginx-rtmp server for streaming live events we produce (with no re-encoding, just rtmp distribution) and with recording capability for all our live events
4. A shoutcast server that is streaming in 128Kb the program of the radio station I work to.
5. A debian 7 mate desktop installation for accessing via xrdp remote desktop, for some tasks that I want to do remotely from time to time (e.g. download or transfer to another server files from services like wetransfer, quick ftp from server to server etc.)
6. A small observium monitoring system for some other servers of mine.
7-9. Three small vps that handles each one from a WP installation. Those are some tiny blogs of some of my coworkers with minimal traffic (30-50 visitors per day)

All of those are running under NAT (there's just one ip to this node) and are performing extremely well. Public tasks are only the two streamings of shoutcast server with 100-200 simultaneously listeners each one, the three WP blogs with low visits and the rtmp server (restreamer) that is working occasionally. All other are tasks for internal usage.

It is gorgeous how well can kidechire handle tasks like these with an excellent network connectivity (I had some 250 users watching rtmp streaming of a 700Kbps quality without a glitch) and uptime. And all of those in the price of 2€ per month.

Some people here are asking about the specs their vps/dedi should have for their needs and lot of LET members are often answering them that they should buy the last innovation of technology just to host a medium blog (you should have SSD, big ram, latest E3 cpu etc.), raising the cost. Sometimes, it is more realistic to use a really low end machine, if your needs can suite to this.

I am here occasionally nowadays, because I really prefer . You should try it, it is fat-free, delicious with fresh ingredients combined with the deep knowledge of the old chefs!


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