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Hi LowEndTalk!
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Hi LowEndTalk!

Hi everyone, I'm Iskandar but you can call me Izzy 'coz that's easier.

I've been working in the hosting industry for 5+ years now, 2 years with a company called (that's also their domain name) and it stands for either the parent company Dragon Solutions Sdn Bhd or it's subsidiary which I worked at called Dedicated Server Enteprise (the parent is an LLC and the subsidiary is an enterprise)

Then I started doing web design and after I left I hosted my clients' sites on one VPS after another until I now have a pretty decent client base and a solid VPS.

Now I say I work in the hosting industry because I do host my web design clients' sites on my own KVM VPS and it had been that way since about 8 months after I left. I registered my company Cirrus Byte about 3 weeks after I left, and I started out with a handful of clients on a shared cPanel account. Then I moved from one OpenVZ VPS with a cPanel license to another for a couple of months before deciding on going KVM only for the cPanel server. Around this time a cloud providers popped up and I subscribed to one after considering my options and moved all my infrastructure to one chosen provider. They closed down after a year and I moved to another cloud provider. They too, closed after a year. I'm now on cloud providers that I know won't shut down anytime soon because they're public listed and I don't have all my eggs in one basket anymore.

So yeah I have been working in hosting even though I primarily do web design because I do have clients who do their own thing but subscribe to one of my cPanel or VPS packages. I've had to do a lot of system admin stuff and I learned a lot from it all through the years.

I'm here because I want to share something. It's not something new, in fact it's been done. But I believe I have something extra to add to it that may make it... well I don't want to say revolutionary but I do hope it creates a lot of positive change. Anyway I've said too much about that and according to the rules I'm not supposed to advertise so saying more would almost be like advertising. This is an introduction post and it shall be that.

Hi, my name is Iskandar Reza but you can call me Izzy. I'm the Business Development Manager and Head Project Leader for Cirrus Byte, a company registered under the Registrations of Business Act of Malaysia on January 17th, 2011. I'm 32, married and have a son that is turning two this December. Aside from tinkering with computers, my other passion is growing edible or herbal plants and keeping planted aquariums (I have 5 tanks and 3 jars all planted just in the living room!). I would like to retire on a farm, with good Internet access.

Ok that's all for now. Cheers!


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