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    What is your preferred payment gateway and why?
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    What is your preferred payment gateway and why?

    wychwych Member
    edited October 2015 in General

    As per the title; Curious to see what people prefer and why.

    I probably use PayPal most but prefer good ol' bank transfer.

    Taking a hiatus.


    • paypal because i only have paypal lol

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    • Paypal because i don't trust random unknown companies enough to with them my credit card details.


    • I use either PayPal or iDEAL (Dutch bank thingy)

    • bitcoin

    • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

      CC if done by external provider like stripe - Can be considered secure as site only sees token (if at all) and as it is CC easy to charge back if the "ISP" fucks up or annoys me.

    • vldvld Member
      edited October 2015

      Direct bank transfer, thank you very much.

    • MadMad Member, Provider

      PayPal and direct bank transfer, perfect combination ;)

    • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Member, Provider

      Currently CC. Earlier it was PayPal but rught now having problem with Account :/

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    • Stripe and bank transfer.

    • LicensecartLicensecart Member
      edited October 2015

      I like three options:

      • PayPal: as it's universal and easy to use.

      • Bitcoin: If I have any to spend.

      • Card: If they don't accept bitcoin or paypal if they are trusted and a secure billing system i'll use that.

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    • MisterHost_NETMisterHost_NET Member, Provider
      edited October 2015

      Paypal is must used getaway in the moment. Paypal is a must in the virtual world.
      A preferred secure payment getaway is escrow. Am still waiting for the mix of paypal and escrow getaway or a partnership of those two.

    • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

      PayPal as it's the most popular. Braintree for CC as they are easy to work with and offer great development options, Bitcoin for those who don't like the above, and Bank Transfer, that's mostly used by our enterprise Customers.

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    • vfusevfuse Member, Provider

      iDeal for online shopping and credit card for everything else. iDeal basically a direct bank transfer that works instantaneously between dutch banks. Credit card since I won't have to go thru 3rd parties such as paypall (I don't like having to enter my address and everything again on paypal's site.)

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    • ceibaNetceibaNet Member, Provider

      Paypal is great in my opinion, easy to use and pretty secure. Haven't had an issue with it at all. The plus side that you can open an account from anywhere in the world is great too, as some credit cards don't work outside of a specific region, paypal helps people get around that for their online shopping

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    • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Provider

      As a consumer: PayPal
      As a business: bitcoin

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    • Paypal as everyone accepts it and I always have spare money there.

    • K4Y5K4Y5 Member
      edited October 2015

      As a consumer, I prefer paying for services through BTC.
      However, in case BTC is not an option, I don't mind paying through PayPal / CC as long as the service provider is a trusted or registered (verifiable) business entity with decent online and social presence.

      As a Business, in case BTC is not an option, I prefer the good old fashioned wire/bank transfer instead.
      I try to avoid using PayPal for web services that I provide to clients online, as I have seen friends experience issues like unlawful charge-backs, paypal disputes etc.

    • NyrNyr Member

      Awmusic12635 said: As a consumer: PayPal As a business: bitcoin


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