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Xen Fixes "Worst Ever" 7 Year Old Privilege Escalation Bug
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  • The bug has been introduced a while ago, so to say, when the support

    for superpages has been added

    Typical. Security vs features.

  • emgemg Member
    edited October 2015

    Oops. I looked for another thread on the same topic, but missed it. Someone else already started it here, so lets move there:

  • The vulnerability affects Xen version 3.4 and later, **but only on x86 systems. **

    How many servers did use 32 bit? So I don't think that this was a real issue in 2015.

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited October 2015

    Alajos said: How many servers did use 32 bit?

    What you quoted only means ARM is not affected (next sentence right after that one). Also they say

    it doesn't matter if the guests are running 32-bit or 64-bit instances

    and iirc you can't run 64-bit guest instance on a 32-bit host.

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