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Load at exactly 1.00 when idle
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Load at exactly 1.00 when idle

As thread title. Anyone have an idea why that'd be? When the server is relatively idle, it sits at 1.00 as a baseline.

FWIW, it's an OVH 64G E5-1630v3


  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited October 2015

    I do. I'm not using it either, so I'll kill it and see if that does anything.

    Still @1.00 after MySQL stopping. I see the thread mentions full disks (which I don't have), but I did hack together the partition setup and that is perhaps related. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on there using 1 of 3x300GB SSDs and set up partitioning/mounting and all that malarky myself for the other 2 disks, as I wanted the disk space of all 3.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Are you running a zsfonlinux volume?


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  • ext4 all the way

    /dev/root      ext4      20026236   2658632  16327272  15% /
    devtmpfs       devtmpfs  32929544         4  32929540   1% /dev
    none           tmpfs            4         0         4   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
    none           tmpfs      6592612       892   6591720   1% /run
    none           tmpfs         5120         0      5120   0% /run/lock
    none           tmpfs     32963048    442064  32520984   2% /run/shm
    none           tmpfs       102400         0    102400   0% /run/user
    /dev/sda2      ext4     267627240  56143604 197865872  23% /home
    /dev/sdb       ext4     288306680 114643188 158995300  42% /homeb
    /dev/sdc       ext4     288306680 130947360 142691128  48% /homec
  • non-trivial iowait (wa%)?

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  • %Cpu(s):  0.0 us,  0.0 sy,  0.0 ni,100.0 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st

    Perhaps the only other thing relevant is I'm running nginx on there, and a number of proxy_pass setups. top doesn't show anything being active. Installation doesn't have much else, it's a bunch of custom written apps that have data sitting in memory that serve requests via nginx to the outside world.

    My hunch is it's disk related, but thought I'd post here since a lot of folks have more hardware/OS experience.

  • RAID is syncing/checking? check cat /proc/mdstat

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  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited October 2015

    Doesn't seem to say anything

    cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [multipath] [faulty] 
    unused devices: <none>

    Just in case this is relevant

    cat /etc/fstab
    # <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>   <dump>  <pass>
    /dev/sda1   /   ext4    errors=remount-ro,relatime,discard  0   1
    /dev/sda2   /home   ext4    defaults,relatime,discard   1   2
    /dev/sda3   swap    swap    defaults    0   0
    /dev/sdb    /homeb  ext4    defaults,relatime,discard   1   2
    /dev/sdc    /homec  ext4    defaults,relatime,discard   1   2
    proc        /proc   proc    defaults        0   0
    sysfs       /sys    sysfs   defaults        0   0
    devtmpfs    /dev    devtmpfs    rw  0   0

    Could be related to this

    ps -e -o state,pid,cmd | grep ^D
    D 31607 [kworker/0:2]

    I'll dig further into that, thanks for the insights

  • Poll your /proc/interrupts using ITop.

    Did you try restarting the server (if you can), and does this problem persist?

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