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jmginerjmginer Member, Provider
edited October 2015 in General

Just found it. Seems a manager tool for Docker, developed by CloudLinux team.

It's in BETA. Anybody using/testing it?

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  • 28Tom28Tom Disabled

    @jmginer said:

    It's in BETA. Anybody using/testing it?

    Will be in 60 seconds while @Jar runs in his hamster wheel to get my VM built in SFO1

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  • jarjar Provider

    @28Tom said:
    Will be in 60 seconds while Jar runs in his hamster wheel to get my VM built in SFO1

    Sorry I stopped for pizza ;)

  • rmlhhdrmlhhd Member, Provider

    Okay, so.

    It looks good but it doesn't function very well, at the moment.

    Creating the Master server was easy, just had to run a script.

    Creating a Node for the Docker Containers was easy too just had to copy the ssh key from the master to a node and add the node via the control panel.

    After that everything was a bit of a mystery.

    This is what the panel looks like -

    With the nodes in the table below, in the nodes the only information you'll find is the total system resources, IP, blank logs page and a monitoring page with titles for graphs but no actual graphs.

    Predefined Applications is so that you can create your own apps using YAML files to tell it what to do.

    You may be wondering how you can create a docker container or "pod"? Well you can't in the Admin area anyway. You have to create a user and log into it via the admin panel otherwise you'll get an access denied message.

    This is where you can see the pods/containers

    You can't do all that much here either other than create containers, you can at least use the Docker Repo though.

    Now the containers have been created the only options at the moment are to start, stop or delete them. You can't edit them or link them together.

    There's obviously a lot of work required to get this working fully but that's why it's still in BETA.

    Despite the functionality issues it looks good and I think it will stand out amongst some of the other control panels out there being one of the first "self hosted" Docker Hosting panels to be released with real potential.

    It looks a lot like

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