PHP Mutli Range Resume Supported segmented downloading
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PHP Mutli Range Resume Supported segmented downloading

noamannoaman Member
edited October 2015 in Help

I am using free download manager to test multi thread downloading with resume support.The programming language used as you can see is PHP.
<br /> if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_RANGE']))<br /> {<br /> // Resume requested<br /> preg_match('/bytes=(\d+)-(\d+)?/', $_SERVER['HTTP_RANGE'], $matches);<br /> $range=explode('-', $_SERVER['HTTP_RANGE'], 2);<br /> $items=count($range);<br /> if($items != 2){<br /> header('HTTP/1.1 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable');<br /> die(); } <br /> $offset = $range[0];<br /> $length = $range[1] - $offset;<br /> $content_length=$length-1;<br /> header("HTTP/1.1 206 Partial Content");<br /> header('Content-Range: bytes ' . $offset . '-' . ($offset + $length) . '/' . $filesize);<br /> $current_position=$offset;<br /> $next_postion=(int)$range[1];<br /> header("Content-Length: ".$content_length);<br /> $chunk="SOme_aribitray_data";<br /> echo $chunk;<br /> die();<br /> }<br />

The problem is that it is not allowing me to create segments or parts.What cany be the reason?
I think the error is in this portion of the code ....

Also How do you debug this kind of PHP code ?
I have installed ModHeader Chrome Plugin.But can anybody recommend some dev tools for http protocol and headers

Thanx in advance


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