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Kimsufi KS-2 vs KS-2 SSD
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Kimsufi KS-2 vs KS-2 SSD

Hi Guys,

I was looking to rent a KS-2 to test some stuff that I've been working on. I have a KS-4 but that already runs a ton of my stuff and I don't want to stress it any further. Now Kimsufi shows the Atom D425, the Atom D2500 and the Atom N2800 as the core options on the KS-2 and the Atom N2800 as the only option on the KS-2 SSD. Is there a way to specify the core when ordering the KS-2? I really don't want to get stuck with a D425. If there is no way to specify the core, I'll probably go with the KS-2 SSD but the low disk space could be an issue. Also how good are the SSDs on those boxes? Any pointers anyone?


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