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MikePTMikePT Member, Provider
edited October 2015 in General

Hello folks,

This is a new project I'll be working on, and need to gather some interest, mainly from Dedicated Server Providers / VPS Providers / Hosting Companies devoted to Devs.

The idea is to provide users a local mirror, from the same DC, which they'll be able to download ISO's images, basically, a provider orders the service, and we'll be uploading the ISO's on that local server, which will only work within the local network, and they'll also provide a VPS or Dedicated Server to be used as the mirror. The monthly fee for providers is only $10 USD, we may, not only host the ISO's, but setup the server for apt-get/yum and related repos/mirrors, all internal this for an additional fee (All ISO's will be last releases, and repos will be sync with the official public mirrors).

I'll explain where this idea came from. I've order several dedicated servers, and using IPMI, I always had to mount the ISO's from somewhere, as my upload speed isn't enough. In this case, not only we'd provide http/ftp, but as samba support as well, so the clients can mount the ISO and install it in their server/s. What about the upgrades? Sometimes they take quite a bit of time to download.

So, a local (inside the same DC) mirror, ISOS, apt-get/yum and other repos would be for an additional fee, and I think users would like it.

There'll also be public mirrors, which will be sponsored and using GeoIP to connect to the faster mirrors, for ISO/s and apt-get/yum repos. These public mirrors will display something like, for example, "", though the provider chooses if it'll be public or internal (only for clients).

I'd love to know your opinion!


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