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LF: OpenVZ VPS w/ DDoS Protection & Anycast
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LF: OpenVZ VPS w/ DDoS Protection & Anycast

Hi all,

Looking for VPS providers that offers DDoS Protection (on LE price), as well as Anycast, if applicable.

Basically something that BuyVM offers. I already have a couple of servers from them and would like to extend to different locations, so by the time I start setting up these servers, I'd have different locations.

Here's the specs I'm looking for:
256MB or above
10GB SSD or above
1GBPS port speed
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Debian/CentOS distros

Budget $3-$7 USD/month, to include DDoS Protection & Anycast (I need DDoS protection more than Anycast, so if you have DDoS Protection, please feel free to shoot me a message or reply to this.)

I already have one in Luxembourg and Nevada.

If I posted this to the wrong category, please move it. I'm sorry in advance. Thank you.

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