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EvoBurst Solutions - Great Offers Inside - 1 Year Anniversary!
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EvoBurst Solutions - Great Offers Inside - 1 Year Anniversary!

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edited September 2015 in Offers

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We've officially made it past the one year marker, on the 21st of September, marked the first day of operation of EvoBurst Solutions.

Starting out with a Single Dedicated Server, located at Dacentec in Lenoir, North Carolina we opened our doors directly to a niche market, Offering NAT IPv4 VPS Services in partnership with (at that stage) Anthony from InceptionHosting & Oliver from RansomIT under the banner of, And later joining the LowEndSpirit Family, David from DeepNet Solutions. EvoBurst Solutions started to floruish, with many new locations of NAT IPv4 VPS Locations all over the world, and ending with our latest addition of Stockholm, Sweden.

Since the beginning, we have come quite a long way, with over 25 servers in operation, with a tad under 6000 active services. And in the process of building our own Anycast DNS Service (which we hope to have a beta testing of in the coming months)

So, Thank you everybody for helping make EvoBurst Solutions such a success!


Nano128 - €1 Off - Coupon Code: 1YRNANO

Mega256 - €1,50 Off - Coupon Code: MEGA256YR

Mega512 - €1.50 Off - Coupon Code: MEGA512YR

Mega1024 - €2.00 Off - Coupon Code: MEGA1GYR

BVZ128 - 250GB Extra Bandwidth - Create Ticket

BVZ256 - 5GB Extra Disk Space - Create Ticket

BVZ512 - 5GB Extra Disk Space - Create Ticket

BVZ1024 - 10GB Extra Disk Space - Create Ticket

EvoBurst1G - €5.00 Off - Coupon Code: EB5EYR

EvoBurst2G - €10.00 Off - Coupon Code: EB10EYR

EvoBurst4G - €30.00 Off - Coupon Code: EB30EYR

EvoBurst6G - €60.00 Off - Coupon Code: EB60EYR

EvoBurst8G - €100.00 Off- Coupon Code: EB100EYR


Note: all discounts & offers mentioned are valid for YEARLY Billing Cycles only, New Purchases Only.

These are some great savings to be had, let us all celebrate our one year anniversary with a bit of... EvoBurst!

Offers listed within this email, will be active until 15th October 2015, Discounts are specified by EUR Currency, changing from EUR to another currency (ie, USD) will apply exact amount discounts, no conversions between - ie. 1EUR Discount = 1USD Discount. and discounts are NOT valid with Bundle offers, All Discounts are recurring for the life of the product.


We hope you will enjoy our little news,

Best Regards,
- EvoBurst Solutions Team!

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