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Cheap Storage Server - Page 2
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Cheap Storage Server



  • @MeAtExampleDotCom said:
    One of the $20 dacentec servers popped back up and I've grabbed it for much the same reason (storage server for backups, with VMs for semi-automatically testing said backups (replicating the VMs that are being backed up) and other limited services).

    I added an extra 2Tb drive for another $10 too, which might delay setup. You could put another couple in there for $10/mo too, which if you need a really chunky storage server you could really beef it up.

    If the machine all checks out OK and the bandwidth to/from appropriate places is good enough, it'll replace a Kimsufi i3 box, an Atom, and maybe a VPS too.

    The CPU is older and slower then the i3 found in the Kimsufi machine according to this automated analysis but that shouldn't be an issue at all for my uses and having 4x the space for the same price at current exchange rates it is ideal (6x the space with the extra drive, which will be paid for by turning off another machine). With 6Tb storage the base 10Tb bandwidth doesn't look large, but again it should be more than fine for my proposed uses (the unmetered option is $20/mo extra).

    If you want me to run some benchmarks once it is setup let me know. Adding the extra drive might mean the setup will be delayed slightly. If you ask in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to run the same benchmarks on the Kimsufi i3 too.

    I can bet that you'll get the server today. Their staff are really super fast & helpful.

    I don't have any relation/affiliation with any LET Host, All of my comments are my own
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