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24 hour auction: /

24 hour auction: /

bamnbamn Disabled
edited December 2012 in Domains


100% of the sale of will go to @William and his ongoing legal battle over running a Tor node.

I figured the domain would be perfect as his situation relates to privacy and if you are going to be a EU VPN provider, it all kinda goes hand in hand with the EU policies.

Exclusivity: .com is a squat page, recently renewed so this .net is perfectly brandable for your SSD services, either VPS, dedicated or SSD related like MySQL SSD clusters.

Got for a VPN project which I have no interest in (I sold last auction)

I own and cannot push it from my registrar. When I can transfer it, I will send you a message/email giving you 7 days to get it for 10% of the final auction or it's fair game on LET/WHT/Sedo

Terms: Bidding starts at $5 USD Auction runs until Saturday December 1st, 7:30pm EST (my phone has an alarm) Domain is pushed out to a free Dynadot account. Transfer it how you please.

Payment must be completed within 12 hours of winning the domain. Once you win, send me a PM and I will send you a money request then once received, I will start the transfer. That would be a good time to setup your Dynadot account.


References: @serverbear = bought unixbench.* bundle for $600USD @HalfEatenPie has purchased domains in the past

I have a verified, US business Paypal account in excellent standing for 5+ years.


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