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First Linux VPS provider?

First Linux VPS provider?

raindog308raindog308 Member
edited November 2012 in General

I'm working on an article and wanted to include a date when Linux was first offered on VPSes.

I got my fist VPS from Slicehost in 2005 or so. Anyone know when the first Linux VPS was offered?

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  • MaouniqueMaounique Member, Provider

    I would like to know too, got my first "off-home" box about 2006.

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  • Very interesting...I was playing with VM's back in 2004-2005. - Create Your Domain and Hosting Reseller Business Today!

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Provider

    I'm a newb. My first Linux/VPS experience was with HostV on 12/23/07.

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  • I know virtualization for Linux has been around for a long time...I was wondering about the first consumer service to the public.

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  • Probably something with Virtuozzo.

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  • I remember using VMWare ESX/ESXi many years ago on a spare server I had at home. It would have probably been between 2005/2006.

  • ServInt started offering Virtuozzo VPSs in 2003. I got one in early 2004. At that time there wasn't a lot of providers... another one was Dinix (, which crashed and burned a year or so later. Maybe the first deadpool :)

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  • MaouniqueMaounique Member, Provider

    @sleddog said: ServInt started offering Virtuozzo VPSs in 2003. I got one in early 2004. At that time there wasn't a lot of providers... another one was Dinix (, which crashed and burned a year or so later. Maybe the first deadpool :)

    I really miss that Thank buton :( Please...

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  • kbeeziekbeezie Member
    edited November 2012

    I don't know about VPSes specifically. Way back when I used to have a windows based shared host with Hostway back in 2001 or so as I was primarily working with VC++/ASP, few years later I went with Dreamhost around 2006-2007 for shared hosting until they became "unlimited" (Went downhill from there), first attempt at a VPS was with the DreamHost "Private" which wasn't really a VPS in my opinion and would charge me for usage before I had even put stuff on it.

    From there I went with KnownHost near the end of 2009, they have managed VPSes with cpanel for bout 5$ more than the base price, that was all fine and dandy until I discovered Nginx, and originally I tried to make nginx work along side cpanel but no go there, kept it cpanel since I was mainly reselling some shared hosting customers (same way I was doing so on dreamhost, mostly folks I've coded a website for). This is probably my first actual "VPS".

    May of 2009 I picked up a cheap server with ZenSix, unmanaged since I didn't need it without a control panel, so I did some more learning on that as I was also using the same dedicated server, I kept the knownhost one for a while since I was still hosting some customers via cpanel there. This would be my first VPS without a control panel that was completely maintained that way by myself.

    A year later (~ March 2010) I was on board with IonVZ created by the owner of ZenSix, which eventually became mine so canceled KnownHost and moved everyone over there, that lasted about 3 years before I decided to concentrate on management/administration/support and use VPSNodebox to actually host the customers, while I still support/manage them.

    I've used/tried a number of other VPS providers between 2009 and now, mostly for personal use, but the two above are technically my "1sts". But over that time I've been hosted on Virturuzzo (sp?), OpenVz, Xen, and now KVM mostly.

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  • edited November 2012

    I'm quite new to VPSes actually, I can only recall that my first experience with Linux based shared hosting was somewhere around mid 2004.

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  • The first VPS I used was from ServInt back in 2004.

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  • Got my first Virtuozzo box in mid-2004 iirc.

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  • bamnbamn Disabled

    I was an IRC shell customer with KireNET and when VPS servers were introduced, I moved over to pay $19/mo (<---- cry me a river about "too expensive" these days)

    I think it was a 256mb VPS too, maybe 512, but I remember the $19/mo because I would remind myself not to spend $20 in my paycheck at the time to cover the bill

  • jcalebjcaleb Super Moderator

    tektonic 512mb for 28$

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  • SpiritSpirit Disabled
    edited November 2012

    Memset® first launched their Miniserver VM® Virtual Servers (also called VPS or VDS) in 2002

    €58.50 /month for 64 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD vps 
  • @Spirit said: Memset® first launched their Miniserver VM® Virtual Servers (also called VPS or VDS) in 2002

    This documented anywhere?

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  • IshaqIshaq Super Moderator

    This is a very old thread o.o

    - Ishaq
  • I have absolutely no idea how I got to here! I swear it was on the first page.. Doh!

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Provider

    Maybe you were on the 100th page. ;p

    Either way; so what if you dig this thread. It could still be relevant etc., just like the "how many VPSs do you have" thread.

  • I figured it out through history. I was searching for threads on ESXI, went away for a bit, came back and replied. ;)

  • my first vps was a lvl 3 with hostgator :) dont get me wrong: i didnt paid for it. i just administered it :). the 2 fellas who needed hosting and were kicked from shared hosts coz of their high stats (and resource usage) didnt know a thing about administering servers so.. :)

  • I believe 2006 was the first one, was through nixism.con(purchased by hostdime)

  • Mine was with VAServ (and SL Host around the same time).

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  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    My first VPS (ignoring personal virtualization) was with VolumeDrive. Didn't take me long to realize I wanted to be in the business, especially since I went from them to 123systems. Perfect scenario to say "I could do better than this."

  • SpiritSpirit Disabled
    edited January 2013

    @sleddog said: This documented anywhere?

    Sure. In same post your quoted above :) (wayback machine url) However I have no clue what technology they used (their packages offer Root access)

    What is a Miniserver™?

    Using the Miniserver technology allows us to divide a single powerful server into many smaller "virtual" servers with its own resources. Although several Miniservers may exists on one physical server, they are as secure as if they were separate machines on the same network, and the resources are partitioned in such a way that one Miniservers activities will not unduly affect the others.

    Why use memset?

    Unlike other "Virtual Dedicated Server" offerings, Miniservers really are just like a complete server. Not only that, but we provide RAID as standard on all Miniservers, as well as huge amounts of unmetered bandwidth

    Wayback machine url from dec. 11 2002

  • jhjh Member

    RapidVPS in 2004.

  • rskrsk Member, Provider

    @jhadley said: RapidVPS in 2004.

    @jhadley hhh that is the same for me, they still have high prices, but it was (or still is? I don't know) quality!


  • jhjh Member
    edited January 2013

    @rsk said: hhh that is the same for me, they still have high prices, but it was (or still is? I don't know) quality!

    My Linux knowledge at the time was extremely basic and Rick always helped me enormously and in great detail and with great speed. Unfortunately their connectivity to the UK was poor and I ended up leaving after about a year as some shared hosting clients were complaining. Not sure how things are now.

  • My first vps provider was vpsdeploy, but i'm only in for a 3 years. - Teamspeak 3 servers. Get started for free with your own simple, stable and cheap Teamspeak 3 server paid per hour! Only $0.03 per slot per hour.

  • My first was with VPSLink agessss ago for a shoutcast server :)

  • If you consider freebsd jail as virtualization, then atta-boy, ive been mastering this to perfection since 1997.

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