Domain auction: (money goes to William)

Domain auction: (money goes to William)

jarlandjarland Administrator
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I don't know if anyone wants it, but the full amount will be donated toward @William's legal fund. Reference:

Domain: Starting price: $5 Minimum bid increment: $1 End: 12:30pm on Friday, Nov 30, 2012.

Registered with on 7/27/2012 and paid for 1 year. Ownership will be pushed to the e-mail address of your choice via

Original idea was exchange of simple services at low cost between members of the LET community. Obviously an idea that never came to be.


  • Not because I specifically need the domain, but because William deserves more donations:


    BlueVM | 20% Off For Life => Coupon Code: FEBRUARYSPECIAL
  • who is william and why he dont add a DONATE button?

    Some VPS promos ->
  • or there is one? and im a not so frequent user, and dont know who is william sorry =(

    Some VPS promos ->
  • jarlandjarland Administrator

    Almost forgot about this, about 40 minutes after the end time ;)

    @Liam is the winner. Message me with the e-mail address to push ownership to, you can paypal [email protected] or I can create an account at any preferred gateway that William is accepting donations through.

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