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OVH New VPS plans are coming

OVH New VPS plans are coming

l2o88jl2o88j Member
edited November 2012 in General

It seems new plans are gonna be announced by ovh.



  • Their dedis are still cheaper.

  • Ya, shit that's expensive.

  • What you see on that page currently and on the screenshot are their OLD plans, those are going away, so that's why there's this strike through with a red line.

  • i hope they're cheap, hopefully LEB price (under $7 will be nice). i'm not expecting amazing performance though, i can't tell since i never got a chance to try their free VKS

  • @Chan said: i hope they're cheap, hopefully LEB price

    Are you joking?

  • I classify LEB price as under $7, and by that it could be $7/128MB...

  • They will certainly lower the prices. It remains to see by how much, but probably a lot.

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