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Looking for German/Netherlands VPS
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Looking for German/Netherlands VPS

IshaqIshaq Member, Provider
edited November 2012 in General

Hey all,

I'm looking for a German or Netherlands VPS to replace my nearly expired Leaseweb server. I have used the search option as well as LEB, and Google. Just want your personal experience, or a host with an offer.

I need 512MB/1024MB (1GB preferred) of DDR3 RAM. 30-40GB RAID-10 space (RAID-10 preferred) 100mbps/1gbps uplink (1gbps preferred) 1-3TB premium bandwidth. 1-3 vCPU/CPU with 2Ghz+ (preferred) 1 IPv4, IPv6 optional. VMWare/KVM/Xen/OpenVZ (VMware, KVM or Xen preferred) Well known data center, good hardware, good network.

[BudgetNode] DDoS Protected. 7 Locations (US/EU). Check out our latest offer!


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