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[STOPPED] Community Advisers
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[STOPPED] Community Advisers

mpkossenmpkossen Member
edited December 2015 in Announcements

I'm happy to introduce the following to LowEndTalk: Community Advisers.

Community Advisers are several selected members from the community that get a say in the direction of LowEndTalk and its Rules and Guidelines. There will be 3 community advisers per term and a term lasts three months. No consecutive terms, though with a term in between an advisor can return. Advisers cannot be staff, but may be promoted to staff. For now, members are selected by staff to be representative enough of the community; feedback will be taken into account for future selections. Community Advisers will have access to a special forum where to discuss the topics at hand.

_The above may change after an evaluation of how things go!_

The first thing we are going to work on are improving the Rules and Guidelines as well as setting a standard for consistent moderation. I've selected the following members to be Community Advisers right now as they have been of great help in the past: @Lee, @Nekki, and @AnthonySmith. These are former staff members and have a good view on how LowEndTalk works and where challenges lie. We will work with them for the initial term, ending December 31st (three months plus that bit of September). By that time, we will have selected new Community Advisers for the next term.

As progress is made, more announcements will be made when appropriate.

Update: @Jar has been added to the initial group. While the limit will remain 3 for now for future groups, the initial group may be larger.

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