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CPU to slow for SCP transfer?
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CPU to slow for SCP transfer?

berndy2001berndy2001 Member
edited September 2015 in Help


i have a vps (openvz) at hostsailor, which is solid so far, but i habe problems with scp transfer to my local machine with winscp, the transferspeed is slow (about 1MB/s) and CPU is at 100% load. Hostsailor already suspended my vps once, because of high cpu load for a few hours. Trough http i get fullspeed and cpu-usage is very low.

I did some research and changed the encryption algorithm from aes to blowfish, but that doesn´t help. Compression is turned off. Any ideas? OS is a standatd Debian 8 64bit image.

Even on my rpi2 at home i get about 5MB/s when downloading a file with scp.

thanks in advance


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