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    RAM issue with VPS
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    RAM issue with VPS

    MridulMridul Member
    edited September 2015 in Help

    Dear Admins,

    Im frequently facing issues of Database unable to connect on my VPS. The error is appearing when i try to login to admin area of the forum.

    Hardware : Im using a dacentec VPS. 1 GB RAM + 25 GB HDD , VestaCP Installed.

    Installs :

    1. I installed 2 x IPB forum ( Both are New Fresh Installs , 5 members only as im still testing )

    2. I have limited the plugins to around 5 in both , and dont have CPU intesive plugins like shoutbox.

    Error : Without any error ( the forum loads fine ) but the admin area become in accessible as i get this :

    Unfortunately, NodeQuery gives no warning, ( tells me that i have used 350 MB RAM ) while when i check graphs in client area of Dacentec , I come to know that im constantly using nearly all of my RAM ranging from 800 - 950 MB for over hours.

    Plz Advise.

    I feel this Link solves my question, but dont know which one...

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