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    Stream video from VLC (My PC) to a server (Red5?)
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    Stream video from VLC (My PC) to a server (Red5?)

    jmginerjmginer Member, Provider
    edited September 2015 in Help

    Hello, I need a bit of help to share a video source from VLC in my PC to a public location (Red5 server on a VPS).

    I have a red5 server installed and running on a VPS.

    What webapp I need to use and how to configure to get the VLC stream?

    Looking on the oflademo index file, I see a 'file' option, but I dont want stream a file, I want stream from my VLC in my PC (under not public IP).


    Voxility DDoS protected BGP starting from 250 EUR/month. Contact us.
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