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Hetzner UEFi
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Hetzner UEFi

Hi, i I've been using for 6 months hetzner SB32. 2 weeks ago my server give performance issue ( software raid 0 windows ) and i want new setup. First i was requested LARA and i tried windows 2008 r2 but unfortunately my disk not gpt and i was not unable to format gpt (beauce iso not uefi and boot option not uefi) than i was tried proxmox but proxmox windows performance was very terrible. Yesterday i saw this post and I want to try this first step(rescue system gpt) okey but today i want setup win 2008 r2 uefi system give this

Now i want use windows 2008 r2 with 2x3tb raid 0 how can i do?


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