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What tasks need to be done when setting up your own NS servers?
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What tasks need to be done when setting up your own NS servers?

jeromezajeromeza Member
edited August 2015 in Help

I'm busy with this now but I assume the order would be as follows:

* Procure 2x VPS's (or more) and setup a DNS cluster with replication. e.g. PowerDNS, MaraDNS or Cpanel DNS.
* Add your domains and create DNS records on said cluster SOA / MX / A / CNAME etc
* Set GLUE records are DOMAIN REGISTRAR and point them to your IP's. e.g. = your_ip_here and = your_ip_here
* Set A records on your NS server to reflect the NS name choices above (is this necessary or does the glue record do this for you? e.g. do I need " A your_ip_here" to be set on my DNS cluster or is that made redundant by the GLUE records at registrar level?
* Set reverse rDNS / PTR records on your VPS hosts where IP = or IP = (Is this done on the VPS host or do you set on your own DNS cluster?)


  • I did it like this:

    1. setup MaraDNS on both VPS
    2. configure it and write zonefiles
    3. write a little script for ns2 which syncs the data from ns1 via scp
    4. execute this script whenever I made a change to ns1
    5. set ns's of domains to my ns servers

    Don't know why it should be required to set rDNS for DNS server. I made it as well, but just because it would've been something I don't have anything to do with else.

    ¦ x64Dash ¦

  • jeromezajeromeza Member
    edited August 2015

    I've got both working in a cluster with MySQL replication in between.

    The next issue I want to look at is hardening. My guess would be:

    • Disable recursion - Currently my servers are serving records for THEIR domains and EVERYTHING else. I could see how this could be a big problem and result in them being used in amplification attacks. What would be the best way to limit this?

    • Change the version details in your config to obscure your software version / product for TXT requests for your version.bind

    Any other tips?

  • wychwych Member

    jeromeza said: Disable recursion

    Do that now, hosts have enough open resolvers to deal with already without a few more being open.

    Taking a hiatus.

  • Yep, disable recursivity right now. Otherwise your helping DDoSers in no time with reflection attacks.

    You don't have to "limit" anything, just tell your DNS servers they're authoritative only.

    ¦ x64Dash ¦

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