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Got Dual Stack Lite, Tunnel Broker with openvpn?
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Got Dual Stack Lite, Tunnel Broker with openvpn?

Die_QuelleDie_Quelle Member
edited August 2015 in Help

Hey guys,

i got Dual Stack Lite.

Are there some easy tunnel brokers or an tutorial for setting this up with openvpn?

thanks :(


  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited August 2015

    I am not overly familiar with DS-Lite, but doesn't it mean that your ISP also provides native IPv6? Did you try asking them? And why need tunnel brokers in case they do. As for OpenVPN, shouldn't be any problem getting it to work even from behind an IPv4 CGN (which is likely what you have in effect), as long as your VPN server has a dedicated IP or some forwarded ports.

    Thanked by 1Die_Quelle
  • Yes i got native IPv6 but I want to publish plex media server :/
    tried but nothing works...

    I will try to add vpn to my synology and connect as client to my ipfire...

  • Could somebody tell how to set up openvpn properly?

    Imagine i have an vps with ipv4 and ipv6.

  • Unity Media?

    I'm on vacation in Belize.

  • mnet munich :/

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