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Storage VPS plan in UK.
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Storage VPS plan in UK.

KupolKupol Member
edited August 2015 in Requests

Hello mates!

I'm in need of a storage VPS in UK. My requirements are:

CPU: 1core
RAM: at least 384MB RAM
HDD: 70GB+
Budget: 3-5euro per month.
Virt: Pref KVM/Xen HVM, OpenVZ is acceptable if fuse is enabled inside CT.

Thank you.


  • hawchawc Member, Moderator, LIR

    @Infinity might be able to sort something out. Got a cracking instance in Central London. 250GB for £4

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  • If XenPV is OK, take a look at OnePoundWebHosting storage offers.

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  • ucxoucxo Member
    edited August 2015

    @bersy said:
    If XenPV is OK, take a look at OnePoundWebHosting storage offers.

    Highly recommended, I've had excellent uptime and service with them.
    They also offer Xen-HVM on request.


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    Favourite providers (recommended for their reliable service, not their referral payouts): UltraVPSLiteServerVultr

    It's not that I'm an angry person, it's just that everything is terrible and nobody else seems to care.

  • @bersy

    Thanks for the recommendation. The offer looks great, unfortunately the latency is quite high for my needs. I need a low latency to my other VPS in Rapidswitch DC, Maidenhead for GlusterFS brick. I get 7ms to their LG test IPv4.

    I went with @Infinity as recommended by @hawc as the latency was nice around 2ms-3ms since the DC is in London.

    Mods can close this thread now. Thank you. @mpkossen

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